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Pride events across the world continue to be restricted by Covid-19 measures, politics and in some places a surge in new cases. However many are resorting to creative ways to keep our Pride spirit up. 

October 30 – Taiwan Pride 

First up next Saturday on Oct 30 is the Taiwan Pride. This is Asia’s largest LGBTQ+ pride parade in normal years and the nation’s annual rainbow bash. However, unlike last year, when it was one of the few pride parades in the world to be held in person and drawing at least 130,000 according to some media sources, this year it will be held online in response to current COVID-19 restrictions and a recent surge in coronavirus cases in Taiwan over the summer. 

That said, Taiwan remains one of the region’s and the world’s most successful in keeping the pandemic under control. The island has now only 1 percent of its earlier peak cases.  

Taiwan has also led LGBTQ+ rights in the region. It became in 2019 the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. However, according to Taiwan News, organizers said in a press conference that things have not changed since the change in the law. They urge for a need to improve social perception of the LGBT+ community, even if “there is now a more welcoming social atmosphere”.

Media reports say people will be able to participate online in the parade even from overseas. LED trucks will also follow a traditional parade route through Taipei to give residents of the capital a physical sense of a parade too. 

Check here to check out the details online.

November 13 – Hong Kong Pride Parade 

Meanwhile Hong Kong holds its own Pride event two weeks later on November 13.   It too has had to cut down its parade and rallies, citing on its website “countless reasons”. Instead, it has opted for an indoors “Rainbow Market” instead. 

This is the second year in a row it will be holding its event online. 

The market will consist of around 30 small booths of different types of LGBT supportive businesses, and another section of around 20 booths of sponsors, participating groups and the official activity booths of Hong Kong Pride Parade. There will be another area dedicated to rainbow art installations for those wanting to take photos.

Hong Kong’s scaled down Pride Festivities comes among what some see as a crackdown on LGBTQ+ groups and social media accounts on the mainland in order to reinforce a social norm dictated by Beijing. 

It also follows a clamp down on freedoms of political expression in the territory since the imposition of the national security law. 

According to Reuters, Hong Kong also has one of most stringent travel restrictions in the world and is virtually COVID-19 free, and the Chinese-ruled city has no public plan for opening up to international travelers.

Check here to check out the details online.

November 17 – Ghana’s “Love for All” 

According to the Interpride Pride Calendar, the West African nation of Ghana will hold its Pride events on November 17. It however will all be behind closed doors. This is because the majority Christian African nation is considered one of Africa’s least tolerable for LGBTQ+ activists, according to the pan-African, independent, non-partisan research network Afro-barometer. Furthermore while the persecution of homosexuals is widespread and gay sex is already punishable by up to three years in prison, if a draft law now being debated in parliament passes, it will make it a crime to be LGBTQ or to advocate for LGBTQ rights and will impose longer prison terms. 

At the nation’s main international airport of Accra, a sign welcomes visitors stating “Ghana imposes extremely harsh penalties on sexually abhorrent behaviour. If you are in Ghana for such activity, then for everybody’s good, including your own, we suggest you go elsewhere,” concludes the sign.

No website available.  Check for more information. 

November 15 – Sydney Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras tickets go on sale. 

Sydney’s Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras Organizers announced earlier this month (October 14) it was holding its annual Pride parade within the Sydney Cricket Grounds (SCG) on March 5, 2022 for the second year in a row.   

According to the official website, “organisers have decided that returning to Sydney Cricket Ground in 2022 provides the best chance for the Parade to proceed, no matter what the COVID situation determines early next year.”  But they promised the parade will return to the city’s iconic Oxford Street in 2023 and in time for the WorldPride.

Holding the festivities at  the Sydney Cricket Grounds meets “requirements of physical distancing and contact tracing, two significant COVID Safe operational requirements of New South Wales Health authorities”, they said on their website. They added they are charging a “small” as-of-yet-undetermined fee in order to cover the costs of “operating a COVID safe venue”. 

Check for more information and tickets sales. 

Japan Pride Events 

November 6 (Sat) -November 7 (Sun) – Kyushu Rainbow Pride 

One of the largest Pride events on the south western island of Kyushu, known for its old patriarchal traditions, and newer entrepreneurial spirit, is online for the second year in a row.  

Online  Booths 10:00~17:00 /online parade: November 7 13:00~)

Mystery Solving Stamp Rally and Rainbow Mapping are being held from October 1 to November 7

See for more details:

November 7 (Sun) – Nara Rainbow Festa

The ancient Japanese capital of Nara holds its fourth ever Pride festival. Unlike last year, where it had to host the festival online, this year it is returning to the Umami-Kyuryo park, which is a quick stroll away from ancient tumuli dating back thousands of years . While there is no marching at this event, expect dancing, singing, comedy performances and much more throughout the day from 10:00-15:30. 

Check: for more information. 


Postponed from an earlier date in September, the city of Okayama of Momotaro fame holds central Japan’s first ever Pride Parade.  Kicking off from Ishiyama Park overlooked by Okayama castle , you will need to follow them on facebook for more details.

Also you may have noticed a colorful truck painted with a rainbow and advertizing this festival driving across the nation on major highways. If so that is the Rainbow Truck Okayama seeking to raise awareness about diversity nationwide. Check out the facebook page for the truck’s latest itinerary.

Let me know in the comments section below if I have missed any events you are interested in. I will try to update them if possible. 

プライドイベント 10月30日~11月30日

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10月30日 – 台湾プライド 






11月13日 – 香港プライド・パレード 

一方、香港では2週間後の11月13日に独自のプライドイベントが開催されます。   香港もまた、「数え切れないほどの理由」を理由に、パレードや集会を縮小しなければなりませんでした。その代わりに、屋内で「レインボーマーケット」を開催することにしました。 







11月17日 ガーナの “すべての人に愛を” 

Interpride Pride Calendarによると、西アフリカのガーナでは、11月17日にプライドイベントが開催されます。しかし、それはすべて非公開です。アフリカのキリスト教国であるガーナは、LGBTQ+の活動家にとってアフリカで最も寛容でない国のひとつであると考えられているからです。さらに、同性愛者への迫害が蔓延しており、ゲイセックスはすでに3年以下の懲役刑に処されていますが、現在議会で審議されている法律案が通過すると、LGBTQであることやLGBTQの権利を主張することが犯罪となり、より長い懲役刑が課せられることになります。 


ウェブサイトはありません。  詳しくは をご覧ください。 

11月15日 – シドニー・レズビアン&ゲイ・マルディグラのチケット発売開始。 


公式サイトによると、”主催者は、COVIDの状況が来年初めにどう決まるかに関わらず、2022年にシドニー・クリケット・グラウンドに戻ることが、パレードを進めるための最良のチャンスになると判断しました。” とのことです。  しかし、2023年には街の象徴であるオックスフォード・ストリートにパレードを戻し、WorldPrideに間に合わせることを約束しました。






オンラインブース 10:00~17:00 /オンラインパレード:11月7日 13:00~








桃太郎でお馴染みの岡山市で、9月に延期された日本中央初のプライドパレードが開催されます。  岡山城を望む石山公園からスタートし、当日の詳細はfacebookで確認してください。



Pride Events updates

When possible I hope to provide you with Pride Event updates on the news page. Come back regularly to check it out. 


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