Damn my luck. What did I get myself into now?

I know I squeezed through the opening in the window last night, looking for somewhere safe. But this place is barren and eerie. The morning light floods in slow and drab increments of time. The smells are pungent and unnatural. I can hear loud noises reverberating in the distance.

This can’t be a good. I sense my luck may have run out.

Suddenly a blinding light is turned on. A cacophony of bangs and thuds shake me from my perch where I had hoped to rest while I thought things through.

I spy the intruder, large and noisy before it could see me. I stand frozen with fear and as still as possible. It must have noted something was amiss from the corner of its eyes as it jerked suddenly. Sensing danger, I run to take refuge in a nook near the window behind some greenery.

I hope my cover is perfect, but the interloper brushes it aside, leaving me exposed. The lights sting with brightness and I can only see a shadow of the enemy as it looms above me.

It squeals something. Then moves the plant back to its original place, hiding me once again.

A door shuts close and the lights go out once more.

I listen for the return of the leviathan but its heavy footsteps move away. I stand there for hours wondering whether I should venture out again. Primal fear is a powerful motivator to stay in the crook, crouched and crookedly contorting one’s body in the hope of appearing so small one is no longer visible.

Eventually the fear subsides. The sounds are now too far away and the room remains in a twilight darkness illuminated only by the muted light from the small window where I had come through earlier.

I need to get out. This place is damned. If I had known this was the den of some fearful monster I would not have sought shelter here.

From afar, boom echoes of more footsteps on wooden floors. Voices, loud and thunderous. They seem to be heading this way.

I slink back behind the plant and into the cranny. The cavernous room goes blinding bright again. Their voices frighteningly close, I can hear them breathing.

Once again the intruders move the plant aside to reveal my hiding place. I can hear a coo from one of them.

And then a shriek from another. Piercing and reverberating. My heart must have stopped for a millisecond in terror. This is it. I can not stay here in this banshee’s lair.

I run out of my hiding place and climb up the window.

Another howl echoes, then lashes and bounces across the room. I can see a large hand reaching out for me, just as I crawl through the slit that got me in here the first time.

Safely out of their reach, I hope, I breath a sigh of relief. It is more dangerous out in the open, but at least I don’t have to deal with those hideous demons.

How could I have been so unlucky to have walked into that wretched place.

I thank my stars for letting me get out of there alive. I can hear them brawling. I can’t understand what they are saying, but I don’t care.


If I did care and understand, I would have heard them say:

“You scared it away with your screaming.”

“But why did you let it in the house in the first place? It’s gross”

“Stop being such a scaredy pants. I didn’t let it in the house. It must have come through the window here in the toilets. Besides, gecko’s are good luck and protector spirits. I think they’re super cute too.”

“Good riddance, I’d say.”



























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